My house after the Northridge Earthquake

January 17, 1994 4:30 am

At the time, I was living in North Hills in the San Fernando Valley
about three miles North East of the epicenter

The kitchen from the north side


The kitchen from the south side


The refrigerator in the above pictures moved out about 3 feet into the kitchen

The hall closet and bathroom

hall closet and bathroom

The computer room

computer room

The living room

living room

On the East side of the house, the block wall was knocked completely down

east wall 2

east wall 3

On the West side of the house, the block wall was not knocked down, but it was so unstable that it needed to be removed

west wall 1

west wall 2

New trenches for the new block walls
the old trenches were about 6 inches deep and new ones were about 3 feet deep (new city requirement after the earthquake)




There was no major damage to my house, but the cleanup and rebuilding of the block walls took some time.

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