Downstairs Floors

A truck arrives with a lot of flooring boxes

Removing the entry way floor Removing the first row of carpet in the liviing room

Removing the first row of old padding and tack strip First row of new padding
(creates a water barrier)
remove_first_row_pad first row of pad

The first row of new flooring The second row of new flooring
first_row_floor second_row_floor

The living room is almost done The dining room is almost done
living_room_done dining_room.jpg

Hall started Hall finished
hall2 hall3

Removing the old kitchen floor.  It was very hard to remove.
It took two men 5 hours to do it.
remove_kitchen2 remove_kitchen3

Kitchen started Kitchen almost done
remove_kitchen4 remove_kitchen5

Pantry Hall into the family room
pantry hall

Family room Family room
family1 family2

The whole job took two men 3 and 1/2 days.

Living room Living room
living1 living2

Family room Family room
family3 family4

Carpet Upstairs

A roll of carpet on the truck

Carpet removed Padding removed
carpet_removed padding_removed

Padding removed Carpet being cut
padding_removed_hall carpet_cut

Carpet started in the master bedroom
carpet_started1 carpet_started2

Making a seam with heat Carpet finished in the master bedroom
making_seam carpet_finished1

Working on the hall Working on the stairs
working_hall working_stairs

New padding on the stairs The stairs are finished
stairs_pad stairs_done

The new carpet is finished
This job was completed in about 6 hours
carpet_finished2 carpet_finished3

Since we now have new floors, we needed some new furniture

Recliner sectional from Lazy Boy Recliner rocker from Lazy Boy
recliner_sectional rocker_recliner

Recliner sofa from PTS furniture Recliner from PTS furniture
power sofa power chair