Spend Your Summer at Hueneme

Sometime in the early 1900's, my grandfather leased a plot of land from the Berylwood Investment Company at the beach near the foot of Ventura Street in Port Hueneme.  There he established a resort which he called the Hueneme Beach Resort.  The following is a brochure dated 1908 advertising the resort.

Click on either front or back of the brochure to see it larger (opens in a new window)

The outside of the brochure

Hueneme vacation page1

The inside of the brochure

Note the tear strip on the right of this image that was to be used for reservations.  This tear strip has a date of 1908.

Hueneme vacation page2

In about 1925, he sold his resort to Henry Horsewood, and the resort became known as Horsewoods.

The following photo is of the resort in 1925 after it was named Horsewoods.
The railroad tracks were used to haul material back and forth to the beach


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