Raymond Lamare Peacock Proprietor (my Grandfather)

I do not know if my grandfather was a candy maker by trade or if he learned to do it after arriving in Oxnard.  His first employment was in a packing house in Santa Paula which was prior to opening his first candy store.  There were multiple locations for the candy store over the years.  He made all types of candy from chocolate covered to "pull" taffy.

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prior to 1906

My grandfather's first candy store was at 443 A Street in Oxnard, California.
I don't know what year it was, but definitely before the moves to Fifth Street.

The following three items show that 443 was the address of his first store:

1) there is an un dated  newspaper article showing this address
2) this candy bag with that address
3) the box from Los Angeles in the next picture

I do not know if he named it

"Sugar City Kandy Kitchen"

or if he had purchased the store with that name as his candy store start.

a very small candy bag
w 4", h 6"
it probably held
2 or 3 chocolates


Peacock's 1906 - view to the back
on the back of this photo is handwritten
"This is the way we looked in our old store on south 5th
R L Peacock  Jan 17 -1906"
Peacock's 1906 - view to the front

My grandfather is in this picture.
In 1906, he would have been 27 years old.


Peacock's 1908
According to the Oxnard city directory for 1908, the address of this store was 235 5th street

See a page from the 1908 telephone directory

Peacock's 1911


My grandmother (left) and grandfather (right) are in this picture


My grandfather is in this picture on the right behind the counter.

Peacock's 1908
a "colorized" postcard from the picture above


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Peacock's 1913 Peacock's 1918




On October 21, 1920, my grandfather opened a restaurant in addition to the candy store
This continued up to the 1960's when Peacock's became a record shop

article from the Oxnard Courier
dated October 20, 1920

menu from the Oxnard Courier
dated 1920

resturuant article 1920

resturuant menu 1920

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1923 - a new store

In 1923 my grandfather opened his own store on South Fifth street. The following is an excerpt from an article dated November 6, 1923 in the Oxnard Daily News concerning the grand opening of the store:

"For many years Peacock held forth with his little "hole in the wall" on the north side of
fifth street and up until this year couldn't see his way clear to build a place of his own.
However, some months ago he decided to take the step."

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There is also a newspaper article about the joint candy making effort between
Mr. and Mrs. Peacock (my grandfather and grandmother).

click here to see that newspaper article (opens in a new page)

Fifth street in Downtown Oxnard
looking East from the Plaza at B street
July 4, 1923

to see a photo taken April 29, 2000 looking the same direction from the same spot
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to see a photo taken December 12, 2005 looking the same direction from the same spot
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to see a comparison between 1923 and 2005
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The candy and ice cream store 1924
Most likely the bicycle in the front belonged to my grand father since he rode one most of the time
there weren't many cars around in 1924
The inside of the store 1924
on the back of this photo is handwritten
"Built and moved in Nov 1 - 1923"
This was most likely written by my grandfather himself.


The address of this store is 228 5th street.



My grandfather was unable to keep his new store during the depression years of 1929.

Sometime thereafter, he opened another store on Fifth street 4 doors to the west of the building that he built in 1923.


In 1937 my dad returned from eight years of playing the violin and base viola with the Los Angeles Opera Fine Arts Symphony Orchestra

Soon thereafter he assumed proprietor ship of the store




Peacock's 1939

The restaurant which had opened in 1920 became the "malt shop" sometime before 1939.
By then, rather than the menu shown at 1920 above, it was only serving burgers, fries, sandwiches and some frozen deep fried meals like chicken. Being a malt shop, there were malts, cokes and cherry cokes, sundaes, banana splits etc.
Note the signs on the wall in the first picture. These were all created by my mother.



Note on the left side of the 1952 photo (below) is the candy counter where they
are now selling MacFarlanes candy.  No longer is it "home made".

Peacock's Malt Shop 1948 Peacock's Malt Shop 1952



a postcard with a post office cancel date of 1950
judging by the cars, it was taken earlier than 1950


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During the 1940s and 1950s, Peacock's "Malt Shop" was the Place To Be for young kids in the Navy and the local high school kids; it was the only "hangout" in town.  However, the restaurant business was running a stiff competition with the rapidly developing fast food chains.

I remember Dad bringing his record collection from home to create a musical atmosphere at the store.  He began selling his records to those asked to buy them.  This sparked an interest in selling records, and soon record salesmen from L.A. began calling on him.

The store was devoted to both a "Malt Shop" and record store for several years before the record portion proved profitable.

This was the start of Peacock's Record Bar

the following two pictures are of the restaurant converted to the record store on fifth street

Peacock's Record Bar 1960 Peacock's Record Bar Jan 1961



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Due to the Redevelopment project in downtown Oxnard, the store on Fifth street was sold and demolished.

Dad moved to a building on Fourth street.



The counter in this picture and the
picture below was "saved" from  
the store on Fifth street when   
it was a fountain/malt shop      





Dad became ill in the early 1990's and was unable to operate the store.

We then sold it to a new owner who has continued the Peacock tradition.

  photo of Peacock's Record Bar taken April 29, 2000


article from the Press Courier - July 3, 1983
(opens in a new page)


Family Historical Items

donated to the Ventura County Historical Museum

The safe was used by both my grandfather and my dad.

R. L. Peacock is lettered across the top of the safe

The "First in Oxnard"
used in
Peacock's Soda Fountain
malt machine
This Coca Cola clock was presented to my grandfather by the
Coca Cola Company in 1906

It is hanging on the wall
  in the 1906 picture above

coca clock
A jar of peaches my grandfather enterd in the 1910 Ventura County Fair

It is still sealed and does not appear to be dry


When I was cleaning out my parents house, I found a lot of old newspaper articles
and photographs that my family had saved

to see them     click here   (opens in a new page)

Additional newspaper clippings - to see them     click here   (opens in a new page)



Additional information

I was not aware of it, but it seems my grandfather was a supporter of the Oxnard Union High School.  There are two items here that suggest this.  Also, on my advertisement page there are advertisements for his ice cream and candy shop in the school paper and yearbooks in the early 1900's.
1928 1933
This is a newspaper clipping sent to me by Irene Avila who does a lot of research about Oxnard, CA and posts her findings on the Facebook page "My Oxnard Memories".   She was kind enough to keep me in mind when she discovers such treasures as this.

This clipping is from the Oxnard Press Courier dated May 23, 1928.



This "token" was found by my cousin while going through some old boxes.   She says it is about the size of two quarters side by side.

I don't know what the date is or who Phil Lieb is, but I found a reference to a coach Lieb in 1933 on the Oxnard High School History website (which is no longer available).

It must have been some kind of "reward" given by the school.




I wanted to give some perspective as to where my family business was located.   This is on the south side of fifth street at the corner of B street, across from the Pagoda.   I have overlaid the old pictures on the front of the current building to show the approximate location of each.  On the ally is the building my grandfather built in 1924.   Midway in the block is where the "malt shop" was located in 1939 until about 1960 when it became a record shop and relocated to fourth street at C street.


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