When I was cleaning out my parents house
I found a lot of old newspaper articles and photographs that my family had saved

the helpers my grandfather had to manage the candy store in 1920

I don't know where this rugged building was

attached to this photo is a list of names


a note in the "Local Notes" section of the Oxnard Courier, September 20, 1939
about the removal of the Peacock's Confectionery letters from the former store
(see the bottom of the article)

the other notes are interesting - just the ordinary activities of other citizens


a postcard with a post office cancel date of 1950
judging by the cars, it was taken earlier than 1950
the car on the left seems to be a 1948 Pontiac - my mother had one like it


in 1970, this article appeared in the "SCENE ON THE MALL" section of the Oxnard Press Courier

After my grandfather stopped making his own candy they starting selling MacFarlands candy

you can see a picture of this candy in the picture of the store at
Peacock's Malt Shop 1952


in 1979, this article appeared in the "Looking Back" section of the Oxnard Press Courier