The Peacock Logo

This logo was used on everything:
business cards
boxes of candy were wrapped and sealed with a sticker bearing this logo

I know, you saw this plastered all over the first page.



An early foil sticker that was used to seal candy boxes
candy sticker

  the creation of the above sticker
a pencil drwaing a proof from the Mason Seal company with a sample on the back of the proof
logo_start_1 logo_start_2 logo_start_3


A later foil sticker that was used to seal candy boxes


The return address protion of an envelope
return address


A rubber stamp
rubber stamp


Business Card from Peacock's Record Bar

This is a box with the address 443 A street.

It was sent to my grandfather from Los Angeles and
contained two hard rubber stamps.

These stamps seem to be his first try at creating
a "PEACOCK" logo.



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