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History of the Peacocks in Oxnard

This web page is a documentation of the Peacock family in Oxnard, California in the 20th century.

My father had accumulated some pictures, newspaper articles and other items from the early beginnings in Oxnard.
I have used this information to build this page.

There are two people depicted herein:

First, is my grandfather, Raymond Lamare Peacock, aka R. L. Peacock, aka "The Candy Kid".  He migrated from the state of Georgia to Oxnard in 1903.  He began working in a packing house in Santa Paula before opening his first candy store in Oxnard in 1906.

Second is my father, Oscar Lamare Peacock, who went by middle name Lamare.   He started playing the violin when he was 5 and joined the Los Angeles Opera Fine Arts Symphony Orchestra when he was about 19.   Upon returning to Oxnard, he went to work in a bank.  In 1937, he took over the candy and ice cream store from his father.

These details are documented in the newspaper clips throughout this page.

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A note to my viewers:
The information within this web page is only as accurate as my memory.   I have had to rely on things that I remember hearing as I was growing up, notes on the back of photographs and other sketchy information.   If you can supply any additional information or even some additional photographs, I would appreciate receiving that information.

Please send what you can by email to   lorenpeacock@yahoo.com.