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These are my recollections of things from the past.

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I remember being told that this was the best candy store in Ventura county. People from as far away as Santa Paula, which was a long drive in a model "A", would come to Peacock's for the best candy in town.
In the picture of the store in 1906 store_1906 there is a clock hanging on the wall on the left side of the photo.    This clock was presented to my grandfather by the Coca Cola company; it still exists and hangs on a family wall.
see the clock
In the picture of the beach store beach store photo there is a lady in a white dress standing in front of the store. I believe that is my grandmother. We all knew her as Mamie.
It is also possible that the two attendants inside the store are my grandfather and my father.
I suspect that this picture, as well as many of the pictures in this documentation, were taken by Mr. Bain at his photography studio.   We had our family portraits taken there, and we always took the film from our Brownie Hawkeye brownie hawkeye there to be developed; he was the only photographer in town.




In the picture of the store in 1939 there are signs along the wall over the fountain side of the store. These were hand painted by my mother (Violet). store_1939_a It is interesting that on one of the old photographs I have, the address of Bain Studio is 228 5th Street.   This is the address of the original store built by my grandfather in 1924. store_1924


I remember also the house on F street where my grandfather lived. When I was very young, I would see his candy shop in the back of the property. There was candy making equipment of all kinds. He would give me large solid chunks of chocolate. I (and my cousins) was the luckiest kid in the world.

In the picture of the 3 generations of Peacocks, there is a tree in the background. I remember as a kid climbing to the very top of that tree. 3 generations Peacocks


At Christmas time my grandfather would make popcorn balls which was popcorn "stuck" together with a red sugar candy. It seemed like I could have all that I wanted and I remember doing just that.


Some little known facts:
1.  Left over candy was all mixed together to become suckers. These suckers were well know all over Ventura County as the "best suckers anywhere." 2.  My grandfather hired a "fellow" to pull the popcorn machine in at night. Why?  Charity I guess. I am looking for some other little known facts.  Do you know of any?.

I thought the phone number (31) is interesting.  This is a classified advertisement that was on the back of the article about the thank you card from the King of the Belgins dated October 20, 1919.

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