Photos from the past

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Photos from my dad's past

Dad's Birth house on C street Dad and his Grandmother Dad and his boat at Mc Grath lake Horse Collars
(Photo by Bain studio)
Dad Dad & his grandma dad and his boat horsecollars
Dad & girl friend in his car
(Nov. 11, 1925)
Dad by his car

My mother and father
(1937 or 1938)
dad and his car dad by his car mom and dad

Photos from my mother's past

Mom with her parents
mom with parents

My grand parents 50th wedding anniversary in October, 1954

Inside Mom's house
On this occasion, they wanted a 50th wedding anniversary picture. Since we had no flash, I took this with my Brownie Hawkeye using the timed exposure so we could take it inside the house.

Outside with mom
grandparents_50_anniv_oct_1954 grandparents_50_anniv2_oct_1954

Photos from my past

My first car
47 Plymouth
(picture taken in 1956)

My second car
51 Ford
(picture taken in 1957)
My Third car *
1955 Chevy hardtop
My fourth car
53 Plymouth
(picture taken in 1959)
plymouth47 ford51 55chevy plymouth53
A cartoon by Jim Cooluris (1960)
53 Plymouth
My fifth car
57 Plymouth
(pictures taken in 1962)
Pharaohs Plac in the back window

My sixth car
62 Chevy II
(picture taken in 1965)
roarinloren pharaohs on plymouth plymouth plymouth Chevy II Chevy II
My seventh was a truck
68 Ford F100
This is the best I can find
I don't seem to have a full picture of this truck

My eighth was a truck
1981 Chevrolet 2500
(picture taken in 1983)
my ninth car and truck
2003 Impala LS
1996 Chevy Silverado 2500
68 Ford F100 81_Chevy_truck 1981 Chevy truck 1996_chevy_truck impala2003
my totalled truck
In 2005, I lost my truck to an alcoholic teenager
who drove upon my driveway and totalled it.

my tenth car
2014 Dodge Charger SXT
pictures taken
September 9, 2014 (day purchased) April 1, 2015)
crashed_truck charger charger
The Pharaohs car club - Oxnard, CA
Me at Fort Knox, Kentucky
July 1960
Me Goofing off *
Me with a sweat shirt painted by Jim Cooluris *
I wish now I had kept this sweat shirt

pharaohs plac loren in Kentucky lorenracer lorenshirt
* these pictures are courtesy of Jim Cooluris
  he took them back in our younger days
a buddy from High School class of 1957

Ron McEntyre

Ron McEntyre

Snow in Oxnard 1949

OK, I have seen multiple books, etc. showing pictures of the snow in Oxnard in 1949, so here are my pictures

me 10 years old, my brother Steven 8 years old and my sister Kristine 2 years old

Our house on Doris Avenue

The best part - I didn't have to go to school that day

The following notation along with these pictures were kept in a photo book by my mother


My sister and me - start of a snow man


My brother and me - it took a lot of the snow for this guy


My sister and me - what a grubby snowman


My sister and me - you get a snowball for that crack


The Gregson kids with dad - Port Hueneme

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