The Popcorn wagon   

The popcorn wagon was a well known asset of the candy store.    The following is a sequence of events that I have pieced together from the newspaper articles shown below:

     1907 - The popcorn wagon appears on A street
     1914 - My grandfather lends his popcorn wagon to a crippled invalid vendor who has his wagon stolen
     1922 - The city council passes an ordinance against items being placed on the city streets and removes the popcorn wagon.
                My grandfather holds a funeral service for it.
     1935 - The popcorn wagon is resurrected
In the 1924 store photo you can see the popcorn wagon tucked away under the address of 230.




March 30, 1922

March 30, 1922

popcorn1 popcorn2 popcorn3


November 29, 1935

November 29, 1935

November 29, 1935

popcorn4 popcorn5 popcorn6


My grandfather with his popcorn wagon


   I created an article about the popcorn wagon for Reminisce magazine - click the popcorn click here to view the popcorn article (opens in a new window)

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