Thank you for the candy

Many times my grandfather would present candy to visiting dignitaries.

This page shows newspaper articles about those visits and
the "Thank You" notes he received for his gifts of candy.

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President Wilson's visit and a thank you card from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

In 1919, the presidential train made a stop in Oxnard and President Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Wilson appeared on the platform

An article appeared in the Oxnard Daily Courier dated September 19, 1919 and a thank you card arrived on September 21, 1919

President Wilson visit - Oxnard Daily Courier name

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Newspaper article and thank you card from the king of the Belgins

The King and Queen of the Belgins visited L.A in October 1919, and my grandfather sent them a box of candy.
This is a newspaper article dated October 20, 1919 about that visit and the candy that was sent to them.

News article King of Belgins

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There are two unrelated paragraphs that was not cut out when this thank you article was cut from the newspaper. I left it attached since it is an interesting aside.
It states "The sending of bombs thru the mail would be made a capital offense..... Nothing is really new I guess - not even daylignt saving time.


This thank you note from the King of the Belgins (actually his secretary), dated October 18, 1919,
was for the candy presented by my grandfather at the time of his visit.

It seems that no one was sure why this was interpreted as an expression of sympathy.

thank you From King of the Belgins

Its interesting that the envelope contains no address, only name, city and state.


A thank you card from Marechal Foch

In 1921, Marechal Foch visited Los Angeles, and my grandfather sent him a box of candy.
He received this thank you card dated December 4, 1921.

This newpaper article identified my grandfather as Robert instead of Raymond.

Thank You from Marechal Foch

Again, only the only name, city and state are used.


A thank you card from Mrs. Curtis B. Dahl (Anna Roosevelt)

A thank you card for the candy that was sent to Mr. Roosevelt.

It was received September 25, 1932 (according to the typewritten date on the note which must have been typed there by my grandfather).
I do not know what the date of September 25 1892 on the envelope is for.
There is no newspaper article for this card.

Thank You From Mrs. Curtis B. Dahl

Check it out - postage is now up to 3 cents.



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