The Horse Collars

Edited by Loren Peacock

It was sometime in the early 1940's (1943 ish), as near as I can determine, that a bunch of guys got together to do something totally unheard of.

It seems that someone had the idea of using a "wind up" 8 MM and 16 MM camera to stage a bunch of guys trying to keep pace with some 78 speed records.   My dad was involved in this effort.  He was the camera man for most of it although he appeared in some of the movies with his violin.

Between my dad and Emil (Sonny, as he was known to me as a kid) Pfeiler, there was a total of 10 movies made.  There were five movies from the 8 mm film that my dad had and five movies from the 16 mm film which were provided by Mary and Joe Pfeiler.   However, the movies shown here are just a sample of that total.

With either the 8 MM or the 16 MM film, they would start the movies and play the 78 speed record trying to keep the two in sync.   The "wind up" camera would only work for about 30 seconds so that the developed film never really matched the music. They would show the movie and keep dropping the needle on the record player to try make the movie match the music.   My mother told me that this was only somewhat successful.

Although I am not a professional, I have used a computer to try coordinating the movies with the 78 speed records.

It should be noted that I have taken some license throughout the movies in that I have duplicated and deleted some of the film in an attempt to make the movies match up with the music.

Therefore, I apologize for the way that some of the video is "jerky" or sometimes has what seems to be "frozen" frames.  It became a real challenge to coordinate the old movies since they were not complete in terms of the music.

This video is the result of all this manipulation.

They called this the Horse Collars.

This is what we now call Music Videos.

The following are some of the movies you can view:

     These videos work only when Microsoft Media Player is installed on your computer
     They will not work on IPAD or IPHONE
     Also, they often take some time to buffer before playing, but worth the wait for an "old" Oxnard person

I am working to resolve these issues

Gotta Make Up For Long Lost Time
Recording by: Johnny Bond and his Red River Valley boys

Sonny Pfeiler - harmonica
Ray Johnson - clarinet
Leo Vanoni - piano
Lady(???) and Sailor unknown

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Minuet in Swing

Recording by: Spade Cooley

Lamare Peacock - violin
Sonny Pfeiler - accordion
Mr. Bain - jug
Bob Pfeiler - guitar
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Guitar Polka
Recording by: AL Dexter and His Troopers

Dennis McKinna - base
Sonny Pfeiler - accordion
Floyd Deatherage - guitar
Lamare Peacock - violin
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Poet and Peasant

Recording by: Red Fox and His Pack of Hungry Hounds

Floyd Deatherage - guitar
Lamare Peacock - saw & violin
Sonny Pfeiler - accordion & trumpet
Dennis McKinna - base
Leo Vanoni - thing-a-ma-jig
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The cast of characters (as near as I can determine):
Mr. (A. M.) Bain - Owner of Bain's Photography on 5th street in Oxnard
Floyd Deatherage - Banker in Oxnard
Ray Johnson - Owner of Johnson's Radio and TV in Oxnard
Dennis McKinna - Banker in Oxnard
Lamare Peacock - Owner of Peacock's soda fountain on 5th street in Oxnard
additional info
Bob Pfeiler - Rancher east of Oxnard Blvd, near Rose road in Oxnard
Emil (Sonny) Pfeiler - Rancher out by Wooley road in Oxnard
Leo Vanoni - Avocado and Lemon rancher in Saticoy
retired but still active as of May 2007
additional info - 3rd story down (Uncle Leo's Barn)

The following picture, taken by Bain Studio, shows:
Dennis McKinna (top left), Leo Vanoni, Emil (Sonny) Pfeiler,
Lamare Peacock and Floyd Deatherage

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