My Tribute to Jim Cooluris
from Loren Peacock
Jim has been my friend since the 1950's. We went to high school together.   I knew who he was then, but I did not really know him.

After graduation we got acquainted and did a lot of things together along with many other friends.

We would all go to the drag races, movies, Las Vegas, cruising A street for hours on end and many other activities together for a lot of years.   We would all spend time with him when he was working at Kits Bottle Shop.   He would always order a cheese burger or club sandwich from Kits for us, yummy.

I lost touch with Jim when I moved to Northridge, CA to attend SFVSC (now CSUN) in 1967.
We got in touch a few years ago via Face book.  We tried to get together on several occasions for walks on the beach or for lunch.  We communicated via Face book and some phone calls, but his health problems kept us from finding a time that we could do it.

When I first got acquainted with Jim, he had a 1953 Plymouth
which he painted red with scallops on the side.
He had painted on the side "SATAN'S REVENGE".


In about 1959, I had bought a 55 Chevy and I could not afford the payments.  
Jim then traded his 53 Plymouth for my Chevy.
Since he thought he no longer liked the red, scalloped car
he painted it blue for me and painted "TASMANIAN DEVIL" the side.


While I was in the Military in 1960, Jim would write to me and send photos.

He sent this picture of his Corvette when it was wrecked


And after it was fixed


He sent this one of him and John relaxing at our favorite spot at the beach


Jim enjoyed the drag races and shooting
This is a picture I took on a return trip to Inyokern drag strip where he was racing his Corvette
We stopped along this desert road so that Jim could get off a few shots


And a pic of him (left) in consultation about racing his Corvette at the Santa Maria Drag Strip


He also enjoyed his motor cycle.   On a trip to Pine Mountain he was giving a ride to my wife


Jim was also a great artist. He made this caricature of me and my car.


He also spray painted images on the back of sweat shirts for all his friends.


I don't have many pictures of Jim, but I wanted to share what I do have.  He liked to take pictures but never liked to be in them.  He always had a camera with him which probably started his love for photography.
May you rest in peace my dear friend.  You have many friends who miss you.