Oxnard Union High School
The name was changed to Oxnard High School in 1958
What happened to our "Hallowed Halls"?

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The front of the school
The Old Brick Building
The Cafeteria
The Center Court
The Snack Bar
Bus loading and unloading area
Bannister Gym
The Swimming Pool
The Bleachers
Houser Field
The Old Parking Lot
Our Classrooms
The Walkway cometh down
Our Lockers
The Band and Orchestra room
The Shops
A view from space
Time takes its toll
Do You remember our Alma Mater?
I have driven by the school many times in the last almost 50 years and never realized the memories that are there until recently. It is because of these memories that I started this project since I fear the old school will be torn down.

However, it seems that the school is currently being used for some things.   There are multiple signs on the fenced perimeter stating "Golfing Prohibited in the" park.  There are lines chalked on Houser field like they are using it - the lines show in some of the pictures below.  One Saturday when I was there I saw a soccer game in progress.  I have since seen an article in the paper (July 2006) where some group wants to save the school for a soccer field.  Another time they were mowing Houser field and what's left of the grass between the classrooms.  The Police Activities League is using multiple buildings.  The Parks and Recreation department also uses some buildings and seem to be the people who maintain the grounds.

In almost every picture, you will see brown squares painted on the buildings where graffiti (too bad) has been blotted out.

Please note that I am not a historian, and I don't pretend to have all the facts correct.  I simply wanted to create a documentation of the school as it is now (in 2006), and as we remember it, before it is gone forever.

Loren Peacock

This page contains some pictures of the way it was
in the '50s (from yearbooks),
and the way it was in 2006

The front of the school

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This is the front of the school as viewed from the South side on Fifth street.
West end with Bannister Gym in the distance looking towards the East
East end looking towards the West

The Old Brick Building

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This is a view of the school from the 1954 annual showing the old brick
building on the South East corner of the school - at Fifth and H streets.


to see what the school looks like now, you can jump to the page below showing the school from space (use your back button to return here)

The old brick building was located on this corner. It was demolished in 1957-58 after an earthquake damaged it.
This picture was taken from the corner of Fifth and H street which is the South East corner of the school.


More views of this corner
looking North up H street from Fifth street


looking West up Fifth street from H street


looking North where the front entrance to the brick building was


For a reference point, there is a yellow tree chipper in each of the above four pictures.

The Cafeteria

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In discussing this with my wife, we think the cafeteria we knew was a part of the old brick building and that this building was
built after the demise of the old brick building. I can't remember this being the cafeteria in 1957. Does anyone know for sure?

the front entrance facing West
the North side and front entrance
the back side facing H street
the South side facing Fifth street

The Center Court

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I don't remember this being there in 1957. It must have a name other than Center Court, but that is what I am calling it.
It is to the South of the Metal Shop and seems to be where the North West corner of the old brick building was.
The picture on the left is taken in front of the cafeteria looking to the South West - with classrooms in the distance.
The picture on the right is taken looking back at the cafeteria to the North East.

center court1

center court2
looking South East with the Cafeteria on the left
center court3

Remember the Snack Bar?

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      F r o m     t h e     1 9 5 8     a n n u a l



see the snack bar area without the dumpster

snackbar_missing_pipe  As near as I can tell, the snack bar was where the dumpster is in the 2006 picture (above). The picture from the 1958 annual shows a pipe of some kind at both ends of the snack bar. The 2006 picture shows a pipe at the right side of the picture, above the dumpster, and some black marks on the wall in the center of the picture (click to enlarge). The little picture on the left shows the same black marks and a hole in the wall where a pipe once was. There are six windows between the two pipes in both pictures.

The snack bar was where the dumpster is in the center of this picture - way in the distance.
The Auto Shop is on the left and Houser Field on the right.
Behind the camera is H street and Bannister Gym is in the far distance. We are looking West.


Included is my 1958 Senior Class model

I don't think the basketball backboard was there since this is where the school bus loading and unloading was.

Bus loading and unloading area

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This once was a circular drive - now half of it is a parking lot





from the 1959 annual


Bannister Gym

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F r o m     t h e     1 9 5 8     a n n u a l




Someone please return the missing "G"

South entrance Two for the game please



The North Side of the Gym


Inside the Gym

The floor we tried to protect with the "sock hops" is still in good shape

left side facing west


center facing west


I talked (8/7/2006) to a person from the Police Activities League who told me the gym is still being used as a youth recreation gym with the Police Activities League. They have basketball games on a regular basis and were having a tournament this week. He said they have kids there all the time.

right side facing west

remember the folding bleachers?

The Swimming Pool

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 the pool was closed off so I took these two pictures through a crack in the door (visible in the above picture).
I put these two pictures together using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006.
Full pool

North Bleachers

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I spent many Friday nights on these bleachers playing in the band.
see me in the band on these bleachers




no longer grace the North Bleachers

   from the 1958 annual


it sometimes looks like this before it gets painted out

South Bleachers

The South Bleachers are rotting away.
There is a chain link fence on both entrances to dissuade us from going up on them.





Houser Field

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looking West from H street with Bannister Gym in the distance


looking East towards H street


From the 1959 annual.
It looks like a goal post on the left side of this picture.
The goal posts, the "hut" and time clock in the background are no longer there.


I believe these beams were the support for the "hut" in the 1959 picture - this must have been for the score keeper???


entrance to the games

East entrance from H street on the North East side of Houser field


another entrance to Houser Field

I am including this picture because it holds a special funny memory for me.   When I was in about the fifth grade, at Brittell School on G street by the old Saint John's Hospital (which is currently undergoing Renovation), my class went to Houser Field for some reason (long forgotten why).  As we were walking through this entrance, we saw coins scattered all over the ground.   Someone obviously had gone through there and lost their money.  Anyway, all us kids went scrambling for the coins, but the teacher would not let us keep them.   Because of this, I could hardly wait to get to high school so that I could collect all the money that I would find on the ground.  I am curious if there is anyone out there who was in that class and remembers this.


The Old Parking Lot

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This building is where the parking lot was on the South West corner of the school.
It is South of Bannister Gym and is now an active Nursery School.

This is where I parked my 1951 Ford convertible. see it



Our Classrooms

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Some of the "Hallways"

looking East with Fifth street on the right


looking West with Fifth street on the left


West side - looking North towards the South entrance of Bannister Gym. The chain link fence on the left separates this hallway from the building (which is now a nursery school) that was built in the old parking lot. This building shows in the picture at the right. The following two pictures are of the same hallway.

hallway_toward_gym classroom14

Center - looking North


East side - looking North


I wonder if I had a class in room 18?


I don't remember any air conditioners when I was there.

air conditioner



Most of the windows are boarded up due to the glass being broken by vandals

a burned classroom inside the burned classroom






Some areas are fenced off for security I guess.


This is an open area across from some lockers.
I remember it was once maintained with some nice plants.

window box

We probably had some important information posted here.


Going to class
judging by the shadows, maybe it is lunch

from the 1959 annual


Is that girl in the brown dress between the two parked cars on a cell phone?    Nooooooo, it couldn't be.

The same spot in 2006 - it looks like a ghost town now

The building where the cars are parked is the office for the Police Activities League


check out these two pictures moving from 1959 to 2006

The Walkway cometh down

actually, it seems to have been burned in a fire
(maybe the fire in the pictures above)

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Our Lockers Back to Top


I can't remember where my locker was. Glenna is looking for her locker.



From the 1959 annual

I looked all over the school to find where this picture was taken,
but I could not find a set of lockers with windows over them.
Does anyone know where this might be? Or maybe it does not exist anymore.

Judy McDonald, OHS class of 1965, has identified this photo.
It is on the South side of the Gym - the Fifth street side.
For sure, the lockers are no longer there even though the Gym is still standing.
Thanks, Judy.

To see the same side of the Gym as it was in 2006, click here


The Band and Orchestra room

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I cannot remember where the band and orchestra room was. The building on the right is the back (east) side of the cafeteria. It must have been in the old brick building, most likely where this building on the left is now. I just remember going out the back side of the building to practice marching. Does anyone know for sure?


The Shops

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Auto Shop



Metal Shop


room M1 inside - room M1



Wood Shop

room W1 - I must have had a class in this room





A view from space

this view is from Google maps

see locations identified

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K street

2nd street


5th street

H street

view is from Mapquest October 5, 2012


Time takes its toll

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Would you drink here?

It had to happen



Another fire


The following are some pictures of this burned classroom. I could not get good pictures since it has already been boarded up, but these show some of the damage. It is located on fifth street, the last classroom before K street - see the satellite map for its location. There is a picture of this building before the fire here and in the front of the school section at top of this page.

South side


South side - 5th street is on the right


South side

North side


North side


Do You remember our Alma Mater?

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from the 1959 annual


I also found the Alma Mater at the bottom of the page on an Oxnard High School that is no longer active. It hasn't changed.

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The front of the school
The Old Brick Building
The Cafeteria
The Center Court
The Snack Bar
Bus loading and unloading area
Bannister Gym
The Swimming Pool
The Bleachers
Houser Field
The Old Parking Lot
Our Classrooms
The Walkway cometh down
Our Lockers
The Band and Orchestra room
The Shops
A view from space
Time takes its toll
Do You remember our Alma Mater?

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