Oxnard Union High School

The school is being demolished


The school is now called Campus park

I could not get the pictures I wanted due to the
entire school being fenced off for the demolition,
but these certainly do show what is happening.

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  • buildings identified via satellite view
  • pictures taken on 01/21/2008 - The first classrooms to go
  • pictures taken on 06/17/2008 - The bleachers and music room
  • pictures taken on 06/24/2008 - The Administration building and the front of the school
  • pictures taken on 06/26/2008 - The East hallway and the Metal shop
  • Ventura Star demolition article
  • pictures taken on 07/01/2008 - The Demolition sign, the Administration building, Metal shop and some classrooms
  • pictures taken on 07/08/2008 - The brick building and some classrooms
  • pictures taken on 07/11/2008 - Some classrooms and lockers
  • pictures taken on 07/15/2008 - The brick building and more classrooms
  • pictures taken on 07/22/2008 - The brick building and the Wood shop being dismantled
  • pictures taken on 07/29/2008 - The Wood shop demolished and Auto Shop dismantled
  • pictures taken on 08/04/2008 - The Auto shop demolished
  • pictures taken on 08/12/2008 - The shops gone and other demolition
  • pictures taken on 08/26/2008 - The view from the North bleachers and other foundation concrete
  • pictures taken on 09/02/2008 through 10/08/2008 - Miscellaneous foundation concrete piles
  • pictures taken on 10/14/2008 through 10/21/2008 - View from bus loading zone and a mostly bare campus
  • pictures taken on 11/04/2008 through 12/01/2008 - The North Bleachers being leveled, the Swimming pool gone and Houser Field going
  • pictures taken on 01/06/2009 - The campus is all but gone

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