pictures taken on 01/06/2009

It seems the the demolition work is completed - there has been no activity in the past weeks.
I do not know when the Park will be completed since the city says it does not have the funds.
So it may sit as it is for the present time.

a view of the campus from the second level of the remaining two story building on the South West corner
the gym is on the left and Fifth street on the right
looking North West towards H street

a view of the campus from Fifth street
looking North

The North bleachers and Houser field are on the left, the South bleachers in the center, Shops and classrooms on the right
The one remaining building on the right has been left and is being user by the Police Activities League (PAL) who are also using the gym
looking East towards H street

Some Before and After pictures

I know these pictures may seem redundant, but I wanted to give some memory to what was

Before - hallway along Fifth street
looking East
After - hallway along Fifth street


Before - the West hallway
looking North towards the gym
After - the West hallway


Before - the Center hallway
looking North
After - the Center hallway


Before - the East hallway
looking North towards the bleachers
After - the East hallway
the bleachers were in the background next to the tallest tree


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