Oxnard Union High School
The name was changed to Oxnard High School in 1958
What happened to our "Hallowed Halls"?

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The front of the school
The Old Brick Building
The Cafeteria
The Center Court
The Snack Bar
Bus loading and unloading area
Bannister Gym
The Swimming Pool
The Bleachers
Houser Field
The Old Parking Lot
Our Classrooms
The Walkway cometh down
Our Lockers
The Band and Orchestra room
The Shops
A view from space
Time takes its toll
Do You remember our Alma Mater?
I have driven by the school many times in the last almost 50 years and never realized the memories that are there until recently. It is because of these memories that I started this project since I fear the old school will be torn down.

However, it seems that the school is currently being used for some things.   There are multiple signs on the fenced perimeter stating "Golfing Prohibited in the" park.  There are lines chalked on Houser field like they are using it - the lines show in some of the pictures below.  One Saturday when I was there I saw a soccer game in progress.  I have since seen an article in the paper (July 2006) where some group wants to save the school for a soccer field.  Another time they were mowing Houser field and what's left of the grass between the classrooms.  The Police Activities League is using multiple buildings.  The Parks and Recreation department also uses some buildings and seem to be the people who maintain the grounds.

In almost every picture, you will see brown squares painted on the buildings where graffiti (too bad) has been blotted out.

Please note that I am not a historian, and I don't pretend to have all the facts correct.  I simply wanted to create a documentation of the school as it is now (in 2006), and as we remember it, before it is gone forever.

Loren Peacock

These pages contains some pictures of the way it was
in the '50s (from yearbooks),
and the way it was in 2006

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