Memories of friends from years long gone

from about 1956 to 1961

edited by Loren Peacock

The pictures on this page are from Jim Cooluris’ box of old pictures as well as from my box of old pictures

I am not sure I have spelled all the names correctly
If you see a misspelling or misidentification please let me know and I will correct it

Also, I don't want to put any ones' picture here without your approval
If you would like your picture removed please email me and I will remove it

click on any picture to see it larger

Glenna Gregson at Jim Cooluris’
backyard swimming pool - 1959
Glenna Gregson and Loren Peacock at Jim Cooluris’
backyard swimming pool - 1959

Under construction, please check back for more to come
Actually I am waiting for permission from all my old friends to put their pictures here

I would like to have more memories
of these and other friends to post on this web site

If you have some you are willing to share
please email them to me @

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