Oxnard Historic pictures
Pictures of the way some of Oxnard "landmarks" are/were in 2006

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  • Henry T. Oxnard Historical District
  • C street and Bud's Markets
  • The Blue Onion to Fosters
  • Herby's Hot Dogs
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Olivas Adobe
  • Other places that are still there
  • Other points of interest

  • Henry T. Oxnard Historical District

    F and G streets from Fifth to Magnolia


    C street and Bud's Markets

    These are the markets where I would buy candy on my way home from school

    The C Street Market is now the Tequiulla Market
    Located C street at Magnolia

    pass the mouse over this picture to see a different view

    Bud's Market is now the Towne & Country Market
    Located on First street just East of F street



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    The Blue Onion to Fosters

    We cruised A street from The Blue Onion to Fosters Freeze and back, and back again all night long

    The Blue Onion is now El Taco De Mexico


    Fosters Freeze is now Win's

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    Herby's Hot Dogs
    These were the best Hot dogs in town

    now it is called La Placita Tacos
    located on C street across from the park on Fifth street



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    Wagon Wheel - as of 2006, soon to be demolished

    Wagon Wheel Restaurant

    Wagon Wheel Restaurant

    Wagon Wheel Motel

    wagon wheel motel

    Wagon Wheel Bowl

    wagon wheel bowl

    El Ranchito Restaurant

    el ranchito restaurant

    There is an interesting video about Wagon Wheel from the Ventura County Star which you can see by

    clicking here

    (opens in a new window)


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    Olivas Adobe Historical Park
    4200 Olivas Park Drive
    Ventura, California



    the Adobe


    the courtyard



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    Other places that are still there

    Peacock's Records on Fourth street

    This was once a malt shop, then Record store on fifth street


    Visit the current Peacock's on    Facebook   (opens in a new window)

    The Colonial House fireplace - all that is left of this legend


    The Golden Chicken Inn
    located at Seventh street and Oxnard Boulevard


    located on Oxnard Boulevard at Palm Drive


    Sal's Mexican Inn
    located on Oxnard Boulevard South of Five Points


    Flowers by Paulann
    located on A street at Magnolia


    Henson's Music
    located on A street at Third Street


    The Vogue Theater
    it is now a farmers market
    located on B street at Sixth Street

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    located on A street at Fourth Street


    Oxnard Post Office outside
    located on A street at Fourth Street


    Oxnard Post Office Lobby


    The old Library
    Now Carnegie Art Museum
    located on C street between Fourth and Fifth Streets

    carnegie art musem

    The new Library
    located on A street between Third and Fourth Streets

    new library

    The Bank of A Levy
    located at Fifth and A street

    Bank of A Levy

    The Lion from the old Community Center on C and Seventh street.
    It is now resting in the far corner of a park/playground behind the Oxnard Performing Arts Center at the corner of seventh and G Street.


    Mc Mahans Furniture store
    located at A and Seventh streets
    I do not know what the current name is

    mc mahans

    Pat Holdens
    located at A and Ninth streets

    pat holdens

    Santa Cruz Market
    located at A and Eighth streets
    looks like it is ready to go

    santa cruz market

    The old Oxnard Train Depot
    located on East Fifth street

    train depot

    Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
    located at A street and Palm Drive
    now a senior center

    woodrow	wilson

    This is where the main building once was
    where I graduated from the Eight grade


    The Lima Bean House
    located on East Fifth Street at Pleasant Valley Road
    there is no practical place to stop and get a good picture


    Santa Clause
    once located on top of a building in Santa Clause, California
    now located in Nyeland Acres along the 101 highway

    santa clause

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    Some other points of interest

    the Ventura coast
    as viewed from Grant Park
    (the cross)

    ventura coast

    Channel Islands
    as viewed from Grant Park

    channel islands

    looking towards Oxnard
    as viewed from Grant Park

    towards oxnard

    waves at Ventura beach
    for those who have moved away from the coast (and miss it)

    ventura waves

    Avacado and Lemon orchards
    as viewed from the Vanoni Ranch in Saticoy


    Channel Islands in the background


    Port Hueneme Lighthouse


    Topa Topa after the snow



    If you would like to see any other pictures of Oxnard displayed on this page, please send me an email describing the location. I will do my best to get a picture and include it.
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