Pharaohs Oxnard, California

Members 1962
I am in the back row, fourth from the left with the white shirt

This picture is in the book "Hot Rodding in Ventura County" page 94

Pharaohs Car Plaque
My 1957 Plymouth
My Pharaohs Jacket
This is a card we had printed with the Pharaohs emblem. We would give one to people when we helped them with car trouble trying to establish some good will about the club. We did not want to be known as out of control dragsters.
I know I have some of these cards, but so far I am unable to locate them.
I will update this section when I find them. I know they are here somewhere.

I joined the Pharaohs in the 1960s, sometime after the club was formed.  At the time a lot of my friends and I were into drag racing.  We would go to the drags all over southern California including San Fernando, Bakersfield, Santa Maria and the Pomona Winter nationals.  I remember a racer who had just broken 180 mph in the quarter mile (slow by today's speeds) and we went to Bakersfield the next weekend to see him try again. I don't remember if he did it.

We joined the club because there was a lot of drag racing on the back roads of Oxnard.   We knew it was not safe to do, so we became interested in organized drag racing and the club provided some structure for us especially since it was affiliated with the NHRA.

My Pharaohs plaque came to me fresh out of the mold. I had to clean it up, paint the black background, drill mounting holes and mount it in my car.  It cost me $10.00 to get it, WOW.   I could not afford to buy my Pharaohs jacket right away because it costs $40.00.   My mother finally got it for me for Christmas.

Once I got married, I somehow lost interest in drag racing and the club.

I have learned recently that the club has been "resurrected". They have given credit to the original founding members for the work that was done back in the 60s and are using the original club design. They are now called Pharaohs Ventura County.

This is one of the  web sites for the Pharaohs Ventura County.
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