Our Story

Glenna and I met in high school when she was 15 and I was 16.  The first time I saw her she was sitting on the fence at a Luther League meeting at the Lutheran church.  What I distinctly remember is that she was wearing a black skirt which was very popular at that time.

We went steady in high school and went to many school functions.  When I was playing in the band at the high school football games, she was always there within my sight.  We dated off and on for the next 7 - 8 years, and we both ended up marrying other people.  

Glenna now has two children and four grandchildren.  I have one daughter.

We had not seen each other in almost 40 years. The last time we saw each other was in the Food Giant market in Freemont Square in Oxnard  

We both lost our spouses, and in the year 2000 we were united again via classmates.com.

It was one Sunday morning in church services that I overheard two ladies talking about classmates.com.  I asked what it was, and they told me.   I went home to try it.  I looked at my year, the class of 1957, then I looked at the class of 1958.  There I saw the name Glenna Gregson.   I did not know if it was the Glenna that I knew or not, but how many Glenna Gregsons can there be in the Oxnard High School class of 1958.   I thought about sending her an email, but I could not know her email address unless I paid the $25 to become a member of classmates.com.  I considered this, but was afraid that if I paid I would end up sending an email and might be sorry.   I kept putting this off.  Then on July 10, 2000, I received an email with a title of "This is from Glenna Gregson".  It was from her daughter's email name 'junglewoman' and I was getting ready to delete it as spam.  Fortunately before I did, I noticed the title.  It seems that Glenna's daughter had been checking the year 1957 for my name since she had heard it mentioned over the years.  She called for Glenna, and they constructed that email.

I really could not believe what I saw on my computer.  After all my procrastination, I now had an email from her.  I responded immediately, but there was no response for several days.  I thought there would not be an answer not knowing that they did not check emails every day as I did.

Once she did answer my email, we got re acquainted via the internet and the telephone. We decided that we should meet somewhere to renew old times.  When I was working at Litton I spent 5 weeks San Diego as a project manager for some outsourcing work.  This gave me a familiarity with the area - Seaport Village, the waterfront, Old Town and etc.  We decided to meet there.  Glenna flew from Redding to San Diego, and I drove there.   We met at the airport on August 6, 2000.